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Daniel & Carey's Engagement

Promises are sacred, when you make a promise to someone you have to dedicate yourself, your time and in our case today all your feelings to make it come true. Keeping promises is the main character of the loyal and those whose words mean much more to them. Here’s Daniel when he promised Carey to make her an army wife and today he kept his word. We aren’t talking about promising a picnic or a gift, he promised her himself! All of his coming years! his feelings, his thoughts and even his love. Ladies And Gentlemen, here we are witnessing the marriage of Daniel & Carey, here at Park Hyatt St. Kitts we are witnessing promises becoming a reality.

After tens of trips as a travel blogger. Carey has finally found her most important and also the longest trip off her life and as her pure smile shows, it seems as if she just found her true destination! She found a trip that she can book with a one way ticket without a second of hesitation.

The marriage of Daniel & Carey reflects love and a perfect start to a honest and truthful relationship. Congratulations and best wishes.



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