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Fred & Pauline's Wedding

Love, what else are we living for, love of the family, love from our partner and even love of the god. Weddings are the perfect occasions that show them all. family gathers with all their beautiful suits and dresses as well as the priceless smiles together with god`s blessings and the brightness you can see in your partner`s eyes. Fred & Pauline wedding at Golden Rock Hotel Nevis was nothing less than a perfect show of all this and we were absolutely lucky to witness it.

Probably our words will mean nothing compared to the charming smiles we captured on their faces. You can distinguish pure happiness when you see it. The purity we saw was undoubtedly joy, the kisses, the dance and the looks, he looked at her as if she was his last soldier that won him the battle and she looked at him as if he is the greatest leader to follow, as if earth is devoid of any other leaders but him.

Fred & Pauline, alongside their families, truly affected us with their wonderful souls and we thought we should let us share their beauty with you.

Session: Golden Rock Hotel Nevis

Reception: Sunshine Beach Bar



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